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At the start of the summer I was thinking about my survival plans for my home and family, (I believe its my job to worry about this and prep for the worst) I found alot of info regarding preping and creating massive stockpiles of food but I don’t have room for that so I started looking at ways of getting food after things go bad.

So sitting in front of my laptop  I though “Where and how can I get food if there is none in the stores?” and the answer was simple I have to get back to my Survivalist roots and start fishing and hunting again.  You can read all you want about a subject but you have to practice to be efficient at it.    Due to the fact I live within a 30min walk from lake Ontario fishing would be a easy way to feed my family and get outside more often.

So over the next month I am going to be posting a bunch of posts about fishing. mainly what’s working for me so others can learn from my mistakes.