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Posted: August 30, 2013 in Uncategorized
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SO I am feeling better after the Flu, Here is a Pic of my CZRRT patch on my EDC bag.   more posts this weekend as I need to get more content to attract readers.



Today I feel like a zombie,  I thinks its a flu like thing…  I refuse to see a doctor  because I don’t want to get sicker.  

I made a commitment to myself to post every week so even though I feel like I am at deaths door and the wife might have to deal with a zombie shortly I can say to myself at least I posted a post on my little blog that only has 2 people reads at the moment.


In other news I have a patch in the mail from “Canadian Zombie Response and Rescue Team I will post a picture once I have it in my hands 🙂 

I am going back to sleep now,  Fishing tutorial when I feel better (hope to find my good camera instead of the one on my phone)